Research and policy proposals: Promoting innovation and development of higher education

5 July, 2023

Research activities and policy proposals are at the heart of sustainable development in higher education. The Institute for Higher Education Development constantly explores and proposes creative solutions to improve training quality, promote innovation and sustainable development for higher education.


Higher education plays a key role in training high-quality human resources, creating motivation for socio-economic development and enhancing national competitiveness. This is not only a foundation of professional knowledge for students, but also a place to form and develop critical thinking, creativity and innovation spirit. However, introducing appropriate, modern education policies that meet labor market needs is increasingly difficult.

From this challenge, research activities and higher education policy proposals become an important and indispensable part.

Why are accurate research and recommendations important?

  • Detection and Evaluation: identify existing problems, evaluate the effectiveness and consequences of current activities, programs and policies.
  • Proposal and Innovation: seek new solutions, propose policies and strategies to promote innovation and improvement in the higher education system.
  • Improving quality: supporting higher education institutions in orienting and optimizing curriculum and training methods, improving the quality of training, research and development, ensuring that the education system Universities meet the needs of society and the labor market.
  • Cooperation and Association: facilitate cooperation and connection between domestic and foreign educational and research institutions, expanding perspectives and accessing global knowledge sources.Saigon Higher Education Development Institute is committed to directly participating in the process of providing scientific research, analysis and strategic improvement proposals, to improve the quality and performance of the education system. Vietnamese higher education, meeting international standards.

The Institute uses advanced and diverse research methods, combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, ensuring accuracy and reliability in assessing the current status and development orientation.

The Institute’s team of experts not only conducts research but also directly participates in teaching and management at higher education institutions, state educational management agencies and international organizations. Flexibly combining scientific theory and practice, the Institute ensures that research works and proposals are practical and highly applicable.

The Institute proactively cooperates and associates with domestic and foreign educational and research organizations, creating a foundation for sharing knowledge and resources, while expanding vision and understanding of educational issues. Global.

At the Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development, we understand that researching and proposing policies is not just an academic task. It is a social responsibility, a mission to ensure that higher education continuously innovates, develops sustainably and actively contributes to the development of the country and the world.