Building and linking domestic and foreign training programs – Connecting global knowledge

7 July, 2023

SIHED operates as a connecting hub between national and international higher education institutions. By building and linking training programs, SIHED expands opportunities and helps students access global knowledge as well as have diverse learning experiences.

Construction training program

SIHED focuses on building training programs based on market needs and international education standards, applying practicality, and being suitable to the needs of students. The Institute’s goal is to create strong, flexible training programs that reflect industry trends and advances.

Linking with national universities

SIHED connects with prestigious national universities, promotes the sharing of knowledge, research and resources, and facilitates training and research cooperation between institutions.

Diverse international cooperation

The Institute cooperates closely with international universities and educational organizations, expands learning and research opportunities for students, lecturers, and graduate students, as well as contributes to shaping global educational trends.

Joint training and research program

Affiliate programs are built to help students access advanced teaching methods that are recognized according to international standards. The Institute provides opportunities for students to participate in training programs organized jointly with national and international partner universities.

Curriculum development and integration activities not only contribute to the development of the higher education system, but also promote innovation and improvement in the fields of science, technology and society.