Chairman of the Founding Council of the Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development shares about the transformation of “University” into “University”

25 August, 2023

Education expert Tran Duc Canh, Chairman of the Founding Council of the Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development, had a discussion with reporters from Vietnam Education Electronic Magazine about the issue of transition from “university”. ” to “university”. This is being done under the guidance of Decree 99/2019/ND-CP, detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Higher Education in 2019. 2018. This Decree focuses on reorganizing the system of higher education institutions, including the conversion from “university” to “university”.

During the discussion, expert Tran Duc Canh shared his opinion – what society expects is not simply a change of name but also the creation of a better education system, with the following content: Use updated teaching and research programs, while improving training quality. The goal of this is to bring efficiency to learners and meet the human resource needs of society.

Mr. Canh emphasized that “university” and “university” are the same higher education institutions with the same goals, tasks and functions. The main difference lies in the organizational model and training scale. Universities often apply the model for large-scale higher education institutions, training in many fields and focusing on research activities.

He also emphasized that the transition from “university” to “university” was done correctly, such as the transformation of Hanoi University of Science and Technology into Hanoi University of Science and Technology. This is done based on the fact that the school has affirmed its educational quality and position, and this transformation will help the school manage and operate better, as well as enhance its reputation.

However, he also warned that universities in Vietnam should not be too hasty in changing their names but should focus on improving training quality and building reputation. He believes that changes that are mechanical, based on movements or phases often do not bring sustainable value. He also noted that the translation of the English word “college” to “college” does not fully reflect the meaning of the term, and that one should focus on the essence of education.

Finally, Mr. Canh emphasized that developing and building a university requires time and a clear implementation plan. Truly creating the value of a university is not simply based on the name, but also on the quality of training and reputation of the school over a long period of time.

Ngoc Bich

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