Chairman of the Institute Council – Education expert Tran Duc Canh discussed with a reporter from Education newspaper about the issue of building non-profit schools in Vietnam

4 July, 2023

In the interview taking place at the Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development, Chairman of the Institute Council, education expert Tran Duc Canh had a lively discussion about the importance and development possibilities of this type of school. not for profit in the context of education in Vietnam.

Education expert Tran Duc Canh (Photo: Pham Minh)

The not-for-profit school model, also known as non-profit, has existed for hundreds of years in many countries and has gone through many stages of development. In the interview, Mr. Canh shared the reason he proposed this type of school. He said that taking advantage of and gathering many social resources for educational development goals is the strength of this type of school, which has been successfully implemented in many developed countries around the world. He believes that this type of school can exist in parallel with the current public and private school system, creating diversity and improving the quality of education.

In the discussion about financial mechanisms, he clearly explained how not-for-profit schools balance their finances. Income earned from school operations is not distributed to shareholders, but is used to reinvest in school development, including investment in facilities and scholarships for students. He emphasized that financial structure is an important factor for non-profit schools to survive and develop effectively.

In the interview, Mr. Canh also discussed the investment capabilities and contribution spirit of individuals and organizations to non-profit schools in Vietnam. He believes that today, many individuals, organizations and businesses have the financial ability to invest in education. This type of school not only creates learning opportunities for those in need but also contributes to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s higher education system.

The exchange between education expert Tran Duc Canh and the reporter demonstrated the positivity and potential of the not-for-profit school type in the educational context in Vietnam. Individuals, organizations and businesses can contribute to building and developing the higher education system, while creating diversity and equality in access to education.

The Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development hopes that this exchange will promote interest and discussion on building not-for-profit schools in Vietnam, contributing to improving the quality of education and development. sustainable development of the country.

Ngoc Bich

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