Message from the Institute's leaders

Dear colleagues, partners and friends in the educational community at home and abroad,

First of all, I would like to send my respectful greetings and deep thanks to all of you who have accompanied us in our journey of striving for a good educational future at the Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development ( SIHED).

As one of the founders and head of the Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development, I am proud and grateful to have the opportunity to share with you our vision, mission, and commitment. in improving the quality of higher education, supporting the development of Vietnamese human resources associated with socio-economic development.

We are living in an era of globalization full of challenges and opportunities, in which higher education plays an important role in building the foundation and equipping future leaders with knowledge. Individuals have the capacity and creative thinking to cope with challenges, seize opportunities and develop society.

Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development was born with the goal of not only being a leading research center, but also a common home for individuals and groups passionate about education, where we promote collaboration. collaborate, encourage creative thinking and put quality first in all initiatives and activities.

We always put people first and focus on the comprehensive development of students, faculty, research and executive teams. We create conditions for students to explore and develop their potential, while training teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to communicate effectively. We also value cooperation with businesses and domestic and foreign partners to ensure training programs are consistent with actual requirements and meet the needs of the labor market.

With dedication and passion, we are building the Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development into a source of inspiration and motivation for progress in higher education. We believe that our development not only creates benefits for individuals but also contributes to the sustainable development of society and the country.

We look forward to sharing and working with you to build a bright educational future for Vietnamese students.

Best regards,

Expert Tran Duc Canh
Chairman of the Founding Council

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