Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development talked with the leadership and lecturers of Hong Bang International University

4 July, 2023

On June 22, 2019, Dr. Tran Duc Canh – chairman of the founding board – a leading expert in the field of education and educational consulting in the United States, together with members of the Institute for Higher Education Development Saigon University participated in a conversation and meeting with leaders and lecturers of Hong Bang International University (HIU) to discuss issues related to the education systems of the United States and Vietnam.

The Board of Directors of the Saigon University Educational Development Institute, the Board of Directors of the Education Group and the Principals and Vice Principals of member universities under Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG)

The talk had the participation of Dr. Tran Xuan Thao, Deputy General Director in charge of research and educational development of NHG, Associate Professor Dr. Thai Ba Can, Deputy General Director of NHG University Development, Associate Professor Dr. Ho Thanh Phong, Principal of National University Hong Bang International Hospital and representatives of leaders and lecturers of member universities under NHG.

With more than 45 years of experience studying and working in the US, including more than 10 years as an admissions consultant for Harvard University, Dr. Tran Duc Canh shared specific statistics about education in the US, from That helps better understand the differences between the education system of Vietnam and advanced countries.

“In the current situation in Vietnam, pedagogy and economics – finance majors account for nearly half of the number of students, while social and humanities majors, as well as engineering and technical majors, have the highest proportion. low. Such training goals are in conflict with the goal of becoming an industrialized country in the future. Therefore, for sustainable development, the Government needs to focus on developing technology and scientific research rather than spreading it out like now,” Dr. Tran Duc Canh emphasized.

Dr. also made proposals on human resource development models for Vietnam, changes in educational management and the important role of higher education. In it, he especially emphasized the important role of private universities in developing education in Vietnam.

The talk brought in a lot of valuable information and provided insight into the education system, thereby helping education managers and meeting participants have a clearer view on how to improve. and develop education in Vietnam in the future.

Vu Ngoc Bich