Cooperating in developing higher education technology

7 July, 2023

SIHED establishes a network of links with universities, research centers, businesses, and domestic and international technology companies to build and develop educational technologies and create innovative products and solutions to improve the quality of higher education, adapt the increasing demand for changes in technology and educational program structure.

Through links with universities, research centers, businesses and technology companies, SIHED searches for and applies the latest technologies, serving as a bridge between knowledge and practical applications.

From research and development to deployment, all of the Institute’s products and solutions put quality and efficiency first. SIHED is committed to providing educational tools that deliver real value, from improving learning management to boosting student engagement.

Not only pursuing the goal of creating new technology, the Institute also focuses on comprehensive innovation in education, aiming for a sustainable education system that meets social needs and meets international standards.

SIHED is a trusted partner in educational technology development, located at the heart of a global network – linking universities, research centers, and technology enterprises. Through constant innovation and commitment to quality, SIHED aims to create a quality and sustainable higher education system, promote the digitization process, and meet the increasing needs of modern society.