Collaboration between higher education institutions and businesses – shaping the future of human resources

25 August, 2023

In the context of globalization and the 4.0 industrial revolution, the close connection between higher education and business has become more necessary than ever. In addition to building educational quality, the Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development focuses on promoting strategic cooperation, creating solid bridges between educational institutions and the labor market, meeting Meet the actual needs of businesses and shape the future for the young generation.

Promote strategic partnerships

In recent years, the Institute has actively cooperated with leading domestic and foreign businesses to promote strategic partnerships. Thereby creating conditions for students at partner higher education institutions to access the labor market, grasp trends and necessary skills, and help businesses find potential talent.

Develop joint training program

As a bridge between higher education institutions and businesses, the Institute has been supporting the development of training programs linked to businesses, combining theory and practice, helping students to Opportunities to practice and carry out real-life projects during the study process. These programs are designed to meet the specific needs of industry, ensuring that students will have the deep understanding and skills needed to succeed in their careers.

Research and develop with businesses

The Institute also actively participates in research and development projects with businesses. The goal of these projects is to bring higher education and industry closer together, enabling students, faculty, and researchers to participate in the process of creativity and innovation, and to respond to meet the needs of business and society.

Through affiliated activities, the Institute has contributed to creating a diverse and interesting learning environment, helping students develop comprehensively, not only in the classroom but also in real work. This also helps strengthen the relationship between higher education and business, contributing to creating a strong, flexible and responsive higher education system to the needs of the times.

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