The Government issues a new Decree on science and technology activities at higher education institutions

7 July, 2023

On December 30, the Government officially issued Decree No. 109/2022/ND-CP, introducing new regulations related to science and technology activities in higher education institutions.

This Decree regulates the organization and management of activities related to science and technology at higher education institutions, including the organization and management of research groups and strong research groups at these institutions. Department of Higher Education, along with activities in science, technology and innovation in the field of higher education. The Decree also focuses on developing scientific and technological potential at higher education institutions, and stipulates the responsibilities of relevant individuals, organizations and agencies for scientific activities. and technology in this field.

Principles of management of scientific and technological activities

The Decree focuses on the management of activities related to science and technology in higher education institutions. Accordingly, the Decree stipulates that the implementation of the scientific and technological activities management regime must be based on the following principles:

  • Science and technology activities along with training activities are identified as the main tasks of higher education institutions. The goal of this activity is to improve the quality of training of highly qualified human resources, while contributing to the country’s scientific, technological and socio-economic development.
  • The Decree sets out the roles, rights and responsibilities of each unit, lecturer and student at higher education institutions in implementing science and technology activities.
  • The results and performance of science and technology activities at affiliated and subordinate units, as well as of lecturers and students at higher education institutions will be used to evaluate and rank tasks. , and will also be reflected in the resolution of related regimes and policies.

Management structure of scientific and public activities

The Decree also regulates the management structure of science and technology activities at higher education institutions. Specifically, each higher education institution will establish a department responsible for managing science and technology activities, and this department will include part-time lecturers, full-time staff and experts. Concurrently from affiliated units to support the implementation of scientific and technological tasks.

Allow higher education institutions to establish science and technology enterprises

The Decree also clearly stipulates the establishment of science and technology enterprises at higher education institutions. Accordingly, higher education institutions can establish businesses according to enterprise law, in accordance with the development direction of the higher education institution itself. However, this only applies to scientific and technological results that are not state secrets.

Ngoc Bich

Decree No. 109/2022/ND-CP of the Government