The Deputy Prime Minister called for tuition policies to ensure equitable access to education

4 July, 2023

July 17, 2023 – In a meeting with the Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Culture and Education Committee, Finance Committee, and Central Propaganda Department Central Government, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has clearly stated his view that tuition policy needs to ensure equal access to education and create conditions for policy beneficiaries, disadvantaged and disadvantaged people.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha chaired a meeting with ministries and branches on tuition policy. Photo: Government Electronic Information Portal (VGP)

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that tuition policy must comply with the principles of openness, transparency, accuracy and completeness, and must ensure priority for policy target groups, especially disadvantaged people. and difficult. He also said that the implementation of tuition policy requires careful consideration and careful calculation to ensure that people can access the best educational services, while improving the quality of human resource training. .

The Deputy Prime Minister raised the importance of balancing socialization and autonomy in implementing tuition policy. He said that tuition cannot be the only measure for universities to select students, but should be based on the student’s ability and potential to contribute in the future.

The Deputy Prime Minister also specifically mentioned the responsibilities of public universities in training, and required public higher education institutions to ensure a level of autonomy, and separation of budget sources. for students to enjoy social policies and educational service fees according to market mechanisms.

The Deputy Prime Minister stated that the main goal of the new tuition policy is to ensure that all children go to school and consider guiding the development of tuition policies based on the autonomy of each university. At the same time, he also emphasized the role of the state in investing and supporting educational institutions to achieve important goals such as training quality human resources and promoting the country’s development.

Ngoc Bich