A few words about the Institute

As an educational, science and technology organization affiliated with the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges, Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development (SIHED) focuses on research, policy proposals, Analyze educational trends to improve and enhance the quality of higher education associated with socio-economic development, ensuring to meet the nation’s human resource needs.

SIHED not only acts as a hub – a place to share knowledge and information, but also as an intermediary bridge, promoting cooperation and innovation in the field between higher education institutions and universities. domestic and foreign business organizations.

Contact us to explore opportunities for collaboration and innovation that will make a difference to the future of education.


SIHED plans to become one of the leading research facilities and information centers (hubs) in Vietnam in improving the quality of higher education, meeting the needs of society in the context of globalization and globalization. digitization, contributing to shaping the future of quality human resources for the country.


  • Educational innovation: Encouraging creative thinking and innovation in higher education, through the research, development and application of advanced educational technology, while creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. abundant.
  • Cooperation and connection: Build a large cooperation network with domestic and international businesses and educational organizations, to share knowledge and experience, as well as create new opportunities for research teachers, lecturers, students, and educational administrators.
    The SIHED community, from students and lecturers to research and management teams, by creating favorable conditions for everyone to discover and develop their own potential.
  • Training future leaders: Equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders
  • Comprehensive development: Focus on comprehensive development of all members into future leaders, capable of facing challenges and seizing opportunities in a globalized world.
  • Contributing to sustainable development: Not only training excellent individuals, SIHED also aims to actively contribute to the sustainable development of society and the country, through activities and research. education and community initiatives.

Core values







Social responsibility

(Social responsibility)




Access in-depth research and analysis on higher education development


Receive support and advice from leading experts in the field of education


There are opportunities to cooperate and link training with reputable foreign schools


Participate in a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, multi-faceted research environment of international stature


Contribute to promoting the sustainable development of higher education in particular and society in general.

Benefits of collaborating with the Institute