Chairman of the Institute’s founding board – Education expert Tran Duc Canh shares his vision of the human resource development model for the next 30 years

4 July, 2023

In an exclusive interview with Education Newspaper, education expert Tran Duc Canh shared his views and vision on the proposed human resource development model for the next 30 years (2021-2050). The exchange revealed the Institute’s important concerns and goals in ensuring the sustainable development of human resources in the future.

Optimizing human resources for sustainable development

Reporters agree on the need to strengthen university and college human resources in the coming period. Mr. Canh said that focusing on investment in important areas such as research, teaching and disciplines that play a strategic role in scientific, economic, cultural and social development is necessary to promote scientific, economic, cultural and social development. promote comprehensive development of the country.

Aim: create motivation for human resource development

Mr. Canh emphasized the importance of building a comprehensive and detailed human resource development plan. He said that linking this plan with the socio-economic development plan will create a strong driving force to ensure the effectiveness and adaptation of human resources to the constantly changing environment.

Streaming after secondary school: getting it right

In the interview, he expressed concern about Vietnam’s current post-secondary streaming model. He admitted that shifting from vocational training to vocational training with general knowledge is the right direction, helping students develop more comprehensively and be able to meet market and social needs.

Support from the Institute for research on national human resource development models

On behalf of the Institute’s leadership, Mr. Canh pledged that the Institute will strongly contribute to the development and promotion of the proposed model. He said the Institute will continue to participate in the research, evaluation and criticism process of this human resource development plan, to ensure feasibility and effectiveness in implementation.

The interview demonstrated the Institute’s commitment and strategic vision in promoting the development of Vietnamese human resources in the future, contributing to improving the country’s competitiveness and prosperity. .

Detailed content of the interview

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