Development Institute
Saigon University Education

SIHED always promotes research and implementation of programs, topics and projects in the field, providing solutions for comprehensive, sustainable development and improving the quality of Vietnamese higher education.

Development Institute
Saigon University Education

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About us

Saigon Institute of Higher Education Development (referred to as SIHED: Saigon Institute of Higher Education Development) is an educational, science and technology organization, affiliated with the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges.

From the early days of its establishment until now, SIHED has always maintained its commitment to improving the quality of Vietnamese higher education through conducting research and proposals on higher education policies, promoting development. Collaborating between higher education institutions, businesses, domestic and international organizations, applying educational technology in curriculum development, research and management, associated with development needs socio-economic and requirements for human resource development and labor market.

SIHED carries out its mission through the following main activities:

  • Scientific research and implementation of programs, topics and projects in the field of higher education.

  • Providing science and technology services including consulting, technology transfer, organizing conferences, scientific seminars, training to improve professional qualifications in the research fields of higher education.

  • Cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to carry out the Institute's tasks.

Activities section


Research activities and policy proposals are at the heart of sustainable development in higher education. The Institute for Higher Education Development constantly explores and proposes creative solutions to improve training quality, promote innovation and sustainable development for higher education.   Higher education plays a key role in training high-quality human resources, creating motivation for socio-economic […]


SIHED operates as a connecting hub between national and international higher education institutions. By building and linking training programs, SIHED expands opportunities and helps students access global knowledge as well as have diverse learning experiences. Construction training program SIHED focuses on building training programs based on market needs and international education standards, applying practicality, and […]


SIHED establishes a network of links with universities, research centers, businesses, and domestic and international technology companies to build and develop educational technologies and create innovative products and solutions to improve the quality of higher education, adapt the increasing demand for changes in technology and educational program structure. Through links with universities, research centers, businesses […]


In the context of globalization and the 4.0 industrial revolution, the close connection between higher education and business has become more necessary than ever. In addition to building educational quality, the Saigon Institute for Higher Education Development focuses on promoting strategic cooperation, creating solid bridges between educational institutions and the labor market, meeting Meet the […]

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Research topic

Services - Consulting

About higher education policy

The Institute provides policy research, proposes improvements to the higher education system, and advises organizations on how to optimize policies to improve the quality and performance of the education system. university.

About seminars and in-depth training

The Institute organizes seminars, training sessions and training courses upon request to provide knowledge to those working in the field of higher education. These courses will help update the latest information and develop skills for researchers, lecturers and educational managers.

About the affiliate training program

The Institute builds and cooperates with domestic and foreign partners to develop training programs to help students have diverse learning experiences and access global and highly applicable knowledge.

About higher education technology

The Institute coordinates with technology experts, organizations and businesses to develop educational technology applications, platforms and solutions. This service helps optimize teaching, learning, and management through the combination of technology and education.

Regarding university-enterprise cooperation

This service focuses on promoting collaborative relationships between higher education institutions and businesses. The Institute creates a bridge to provide internship opportunities, professional consultation, and curriculum development to meet labor market needs.