Research and policy proposals: Promoting innovation and development of higher education

The Institute provides policy research, proposes improvements to the higher education system, and advises organizations on how to optimize policies to improve the quality and performance of the education system. university.

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Developing and organizing seminars on education and training: Updating and improving knowledge in the field of higher education

The Institute organizes seminars, training sessions and training courses upon request to provide knowledge to those working in the field of higher education. These courses will help update the latest information and develop skills for researchers, lecturers and educational managers.

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Building and linking domestic and foreign training programs - Connecting global knowledge

The Institute builds and cooperates with domestic and foreign partners to develop joint training programs to help students have diverse learning experiences and access global and highly applicable knowledge.

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Cooperation in developing higher education technology

The Institute coordinates with technology experts, organizations and businesses to develop educational technology applications, platforms and solutions. This service helps optimize teaching, learning, and management through the combination of technology and education.

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Collaborative links between higher education institutions and businesses - shaping the future of human resources

This service focuses on promoting collaborative relationships between higher education institutions and businesses. The Institute creates a bridge to provide internship opportunities, professional consultation, and curriculum development to meet labor market needs.

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